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Amelie Donzo's Remarkable Journey: From Local Talent to Real Betis Balonpie's Rising Star

February 2024


In the world of youth soccer, dreams often take shape on dusty fields and community pitches. For Amelie Donzo, a standout player from our G2007 team, that dream recently materialized into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The talented young athlete was invited to join the prestigious Real Betis Balonpie, a professional soccer academy based in Seville, Spain. This unique experience saw Amelie spending ten days training with Real Betis Balonpie's senior B team, showcasing her skills on an international stage.

Discovery on the Seville Summer Tour:

Amelie's journey to Real Betis Balonpie began during our team's summer pre-season tour in Seville, Spain. Little did she know that her performance in a friendly match would catch the eye of a scout from the renowned academy. Amelie's technical prowess, agility, and strategic play immediately stood out, prompting the scout to extend an invitation for her to join Real Betis Balonpie for a training stint.

Ten Days with the Senior B Team:

Amelie eagerly accepted the invitation and flew to Seville, where she spent an unforgettable ten days training with Real Betis Balonpie's senior B team. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, as Amelie found herself immersed in the world of professional soccer, rubbing shoulders with experienced players and learning from top-notch coaches.

Seamless Integration and Impressive Performances:

One of the most remarkable aspects of Amelie's time with Real Betis Balonpie was how seamlessly she integrated into the team. Despite being a youth player, she quickly adapted to the higher level of play, earning the respect of her teammates and the coaching staff. Her performances during training sessions and friendly matches left a lasting impression on the coaches, who were impressed by her technical ability, vision on the field, and maturity beyond her years.

The Scout's Eye:

Amelie's invitation to join Real Betis Balonpie was not a stroke of luck but a result of her consistent excellence on the field. The scout who initially spotted her saw the potential for greatness in Amelie's playing style. Her dedication, work ethic, and natural talent were evident, making her a standout prospect for the academy.

Future Opportunities:

While Amelie's ten-day stint with Real Betis Balonpie has concluded, the doors to further opportunities remain wide open. The experience has not only enriched her skills but has also given her a taste of the professional soccer world. The exposure gained from training with a top-tier academy like Real Betis Balonpie will undoubtedly serve as a valuable asset in Amelie's journey as a soccer player.


Amelie Donzo's invitation to train with Real Betis Balonpie is a testament to her exceptional talent and hard work on the field. Her journey from a local youth player to the international stage of professional soccer showcases the immense potential within our youth development program. As Amelie returns to our G2007 team, she brings with her not just the experience of training with Real Betis Balonpie but also the inspiration for her teammates to dream big and pursue their passion for soccer with unwavering dedication. We eagerly await the next chapter in Amelie's promising soccer career, confident that this is just the beginning of her extraordinary journey.

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