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Asphalt Green Soccer Club (AGSC) is New York City’s leading competitive soccer program for athletes ages 6 to 17. Teams are tryout based and compete at the local, regional, and national levels. Our elite coaching staff focuses on developing players and instilling values that set athletes up for success in life. Located on the Upper East Side, our facilities feature a regulation-size and outdoor turf field, which provides the best environment for teaching and learning.

Asphalt Green Soccer Club Philosophy

We believe character drives performance. Asphalt Green Soccer Club coaches and staff embody and instill three core values in athletes: passion, accountability, and respect. Our goal is for players to reach their full potential by creating a training environment that encourages creativity, fearlessness, and confidence. We focus on the process, which allows our teams to maintain the highest level of competitiveness.  

Player Development and Coaching Style

Coaches play a pivotal role in an athlete’s development. They shape style of play, establish the culture of the team, serve as mentors off the field, and develop character. Our coaches are trained at Asphalt Green to teach a modern style of play used by professionals in Europe.


We develop outstanding soccer players by focusing on possession, teamwork, anticipation, and conditioning. The curriculum is designed to teach age-appropriate skills, starting with simple concepts for our younger teams and advancing to more complex methods as athletes advance through our program.

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